My favourite word in any language is the verb “insegnare” and its variation in Italian. The translation would mean: to teach, to point out, to show how. However, this is not the reason this word is my highest ranked.

According to my Italian teacher, its origins are on the Latin language and its meaning would be “to leave a sign”, a sign you would carry with you for life. It is there, it will be there, it is marked and it cannot be removed.

So that is valuable to me: what the teachers taught me, yes, but not only. I’ve learnt and grown with my parents, my friends, people I’ve worked with, guests passing by,  life experiences. Each in their own way, with their own space “insegnato profondamente nel mio cuore”.

And today, for those special team members I am leaving behind, thank you all for being special and for have “insegnato” me in your own particular way.