Ice Bucket Challenge

Yes. I have been avoiding this for a few days now for several reasons. Thanks my bosses Lea Harris (from the Scottish Hotel Awards/Scottish Food Awards) and Paul Sloan (from Topolabamba) for the kind nomination 😉

My first question was: What is the objective of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? And through word of mouth is basically raise money for a cause that the Pharmaceutical Industry is not worrying when it comes to research in order to find a cure. Is that right?

So, amongst the other explanations that I can provide, this is the one I would like to emphasise: there is another disease/illness which is the 5th lead cause of death all over the world. You probably know someone with it, and you might be one on the way to it without have been made aware of that. This health condition also kills more than Breast Cancer and Prostate cancer added together (figure from the health sector in the USA). It kills on the same level as the HIV/Aids worldwide, with the latter being treated as epidemic. The number of deaths cause by this illness has also increased 50% from 2000 to 2012, while HIV/Aids has fallen 12% since.

So what is it? Why no one is paying attention to this vast increase on the % of deaths caused by it?

I guess, in the end, there is a whole industry that makes a huge profit out of it. The same one who does not want to do the research for ALS.

It is estimated that the market of the drugs to control this illness will be evaluated in $55 billions by 2017.

So what is it? Plain and simple: diabetes.

What people don’t know it: there is a way of controlling your diet before you reach the stage of being diabetic.I had the pleasure (or misfortune as some might classify) to find out that I am hypoglycaemic back in 2009. It is a hard kick to start with, but it is better to find out that there is hope. I have been recommended to avoid any white carbs, caffeine, nicotine, fat, conservatives, tinned products, ready-to-eat meals, carbonated drinks, alcohol and a bit more. I also need to exercise on a regular basis and eat on a 3 hours interval. It seems a lot to start with, but when it comes to choices: would I rather be included on the statistics of the 5th lead cause of death in the world or follow a restricted diet that makes me full of energy and enthusiasm?

The other important factor is: there is a test which is called “Curva Hipoglicemica” in Portuguese, but I am not sure of its name in English. The closest that I got was “glucose intolerance test” but it just extends to 2 hours and I have done mine in 5 hours. Most people have not done it, and actually, when I went to a few doctors in the UK, only ONE, and I mean, ONE (in Pitlochry) knew what I was talking about. The others just pretended that my English was not good enough for them to understand. Another one said I was stressed so just needed a break from work and paracetamol. So back to the test: there is a way of finding out if you are vulnerable to it or not.

When I first found out about the diet, I heard someone saying “I am not following your diet”. The good thing is: by following my diet, I reduce the risk of heart diseases, cancer & diabetes, all in the Top5 lead cause of death in the world. Guess who is laughing now?

So who am I going to nominate? Basically everyone who is unaware of their glucose intolerance levels.

If you follow this link ( ) you will see that things get a bit more realistic and not as sweet as they seem.

And what is the final link between ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Diabetes? One is claiming that there is no money spent on research as it would not be profitable. The other one has some money spent on research to “treat” not to “cure” or “raise awareness of its prevention”.

The fact is: an easy way of hitting the pharmaceutical industry pockets would be researching the cure for their gold eggs. Or avoid, as much as we can, become one of their regular source of income.