About me

Living step by step, as they say. Nonetheless, on the majority of the time I choose to run. Not running from life, but speeding up things a bit, experiencing and learning as much as I possible can in order to fulfill my goals.

I work full time as the General Manager for Topolabamba (www.topolabamba.com) in Glasgow, Scotland, which keeps me pretty busy. During the spare time, I try to fi my Business Coaching Student with ILM (Via Tickety-Boo Dunblane).  So why keep myself that busy?

The future plans involve opening a restaurant in Brazil and taking with me the culture of fresh local produce learnt in Scotland. Make the most the vast choices the areas there can offer. It would also involve providing one of the best customer service and restaurant experience in the whole country, something for people to rave about and set the standard of how service should be provided.

Promoting social inclusion is the fuel of my life: I want to run a non-profitable organization side-by-side with the restaurant business. The idea would be using the local, family-run suppliers for everything (or most of it) so they can have a guaranteed source of income. Then, the non-profitable organization would provide training and development for the young adults of their local community: languages, customer service, bartender, coffees, wines, beers, computers, accounting, marketing, culinary skills… In that way, there will be a job offer for the same teenagers, who would then bring home another source of income. With that higher flow of income in the local community, the aim is to provide social integration and stimulate more opportunities for everybody. The summary of the idea is: they will learn for free, have a guaranteed job and hopefully within 2 years be able to have their own wings, so they shall fly their own way on their chosen path.

I am not in a hurry to start the Social Project/Restaurant in Brazil. 5, 10 years maybe. It is still a bit of a blur due to financial constraints and learning needs. I am, though, training to be the best that I can possibly be when the right time comes.

There is a documentary on Sky, “Brazil Children – Traded innocence” . Watch that and you will be able to understand me better.

Well, that was always the plan, until someone asked me about doing similar projects in Scotland, where I have been living for the last 10 years and the country where I choose to call home. So, adding to the “ifs” of my life, one more ‘if’, which I am not afraid of doing so, as I like an open plan and living day-by-day, open to the opportunities that life might  bring along.

My mum and my dad once gave me wings just to see me flying away from them. I am who I am because they provided me with the freedom of choice based on the values they taught me. I just want to provide some sort of life opportunity to as many teenagers as possible, so they can become the best adults they can potentially be, and, in their future, they will be able to look back at their mum and dad and see a smile in their faces, for being proud of what their children have become.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.” (Albert Einstein)

So, for now, how may I help you?


What do you think?

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