2 yeas with Hypoglycaemia

Well, it’s been 2 years since I found out that I am hypoglycaemic. While I was doing a series of tests to check-up my health and find out the causes of my then alopeacia, I came across this blood sugar level test of 7 hours! I was travelling and getting myself organised for my best friend’s wedding when my mum went to collect the results and speak to my doctor back home.

I remember receiving her phone call: “Dener, we found out what you have. You cannot eat sugars, low carbs, no caffeine…”

And I joked about it: “are you going to tell me that I am not allowed alcohol or cigarettes neither?” Her reply was: “Yes”.

After the mad weekend, I returned home to hear my sister saying “Please do not make me follow your crazy diet, as it is you who are hypoglycaemic, not me” . I definitely thought something along the lines of “thank you sis for the support”.

I must say that it was the best finding in all my years in this world. It was hard to change my habits to suit all the requirements. I must also admit I still do not follow it completely, as I have allowed myself to commit some indulgent moments now and then. That mentioned, I could not have asked for a better advice from my Dr.

My diet nowadays consists of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and little sugar/white carbs. Avoid as much as I possibly can the preservatives, additives, processed food. Little little alcohol, no caffeine, no nicotine. Regular exercises and a balanced work/social life.

My findings so far:

– it makes me have sooooo much more energy to do anything. I wake up happier, I am more productive, it feels great!

– I was allowed sweeteners, but then I realised my body wasnt responding to them very well. I did my research, and most of the sweeteners available in the market actually causes other types of damage to the body.

– I started the gym, one thing that I hated, and now I love it. Little tip: get a funny personal trainer to help you out. I had a ball with mine at 8am 3 days a week. It was like going on a comedy show with hints of S&M (“no pain, no gain”)

– my friends in Oban got a bit surprised when I replaced my cappuccino with 5 sugars for a skinny decaf cappuccino with no sugar.

– Then I found out that decaff coffee is overly processed, so swap it for naturally decaf herbal teas. I used to avoid tea all the time and not I am addicted to it.

– and the last: relaxing “me time”. I started with some meditation, which has lead me to a Reiki Attunement training, so I can have time for myself.

My advice to anyone, including my sister, would be:

– change your eating habits now: cut off the excesses of sugar, white carbs, fat, caffeine, processed food, nicotine, etc.

– adapt a more organic & freshly prepared diet.

– do some exercises regularly, embrace nature, go for a walk, relax.

Did you know that a glass (200ml) of orange juice contains about 20% of the recommended daily requirement of sugar that your body need?

And why should I follow this diet? Basically because otherwise I would become diabetic.

So, “no thanks” to the diabetes.

“There wouldn’t be butterflies if there weren’t changes”

Thanks mum for making me go to the Dr, then having the courage to deliver the news and for supporting me all this way with advice and recommendation of dishes.  You have given me life for a second time.



My favourite word in any language is the verb “insegnare” and its variation in Italian. The translation would mean: to teach, to point out, to show how. However, this is not the reason this word is my highest ranked.

According to my Italian teacher, its origins are on the Latin language and its meaning would be “to leave a sign”, a sign you would carry with you for life. It is there, it will be there, it is marked and it cannot be removed.

So that is valuable to me: what the teachers taught me, yes, but not only. I’ve learnt and grown with my parents, my friends, people I’ve worked with, guests passing by,  life experiences. Each in their own way, with their own space “insegnato profondamente nel mio cuore”.

And today, for those special team members I am leaving behind, thank you all for being special and for have “insegnato” me in your own particular way.